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Bluetooth audio in a Castle

Bluetooth audio in a Paradise Castle (France)
Location: Loire Valley, Vendée (France)


Project description: In the middle of the French nature, in the heart of the Loire Valley and the Vendée, you will find this unique B&B castle "Château de la Preuille". The Dutch owners offer you a fantastic and surprising stay, under their motto "It's not Perfect..., it's Paradise". More information: Château de la Preuille

The requested audio solution covers the outdoor terrace plus the area around the swimming pool. Due to the authentic location with thick castle walls, wifi was no option. Therefore we selected a Bluetooth 5.0 solution with 2 zones. Zone one is at the terrace . We applied an omnidirectional subwoofer with built-in amplifier, coupled with 2 omnidirectional satellite speakers. At zone two, the pool area, we selected a powerful Bluetooth amplifier, with a seperate subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. The 2 zones can play music separately, but also combined when desired.

Applied products:
B515 omnidirectional subwoofer with built-in amplifier
2x GS3 omnidrectional speaker
Pool area:
TRB502 Bluetooth 5.0 amplifier
GS50 omnidirectional subwoofer
2x GS3 omnidirectional speaker

Featured product: TIC B515 Bluetooth 5.0 subwoofer
The B515 bluetooth 5.0 omnidirectional subwoofer features a large 8" subwoofer for full bass reproduction. Thanks to the built-in amplifier, 2 additional speakers can be connected to this subwoofer. All you need to do is provide a power connection, and you can easily control your outdoor speakers from your connected cell phone or tablet.