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Invisible audio in the Villa yard

Invisible audio in the Villa yard
Location: Ede (The Netherlands) 

Project description: This luxurious country villa is located in a wooded area on the edge of a large moorland. The residents live an active life, and spend a lot of quality time in their beautifully landscaped garden with family and friends, enjoying their favourite music! The garden has a lot of vegetation, so we installed the speakers as invisible as possible.

In total there are 3 zones installed based on Wifi Airplay 2, so everyone can enjoy their favorite music in all hot spots in the garden. At the Jacuzzi, at the family dining table or in the cozy sitting area at the BBQ.

Applied products:
Jacuzzi area:
AMP150 wifi airplay 2 amplifier 2x100 watt
2x GS3 omnidirectional in-ground speaker
Dining table:
2x GS3 wifi airplay 2 in-ground omni speaker 2x100 watt
BBQ area
GS4 omnidirectional DVC stereo speaker

Featured product: GS3 omnidirectional in-ground speaker
The GS3 omnidirectional in-ground speaker is the best-selling TIC speaker worldwide, and for good reason. This speaker proves itself under all circumstances, has a full and warm sound, and when buried in-ground, becomes one with your garden. The best price-quality ratio available in the market!