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Country House outdoor audio

Outdoor audio around the Country House
Location: Utrecht (The Netherlands)


Project description: This stylish country house is centrally located in The Netherlands, beautifully situated next to a nature reserve. The owners love this rural setting, but also like to enjoy regularly social gatherings with friends and family. For this reason they requested a music system for the pool and large veranda.

In their situation, many different people use the audio music system in the 3 different zones. For this, a wifi Airplay 2 system is ideally suited, because it can be controlled simultaneously by everyone from his or her phone through the WiiM pod app.
For the zone by the pool, a pair of omnidirectional in-ground speakers were almost invisibly incorporated into the vegetation. Within the large veranda we created 2 zones: one zone with patio terrace speakers to also support the TV and above the cozy dining table, two ceiling speakers were built in for relaxing background music. Of course these 3 zones can easily be combined into one big and powerful outdoor party audio system!

Applied products:
Pool area:
WB3 wifi airplay 2 in-ground omni speaker 2x100 watt
B03 Premium omnidirectional in-ground speaker
AMP150 wifi Airplay 2 amplifier 2x100 watt
ASP90 pair of patio terrace speakers
MC8028 pair of ceiling speakers with magnetic grill

Featured product: AMP150 wifi Airplay 2 amplifier 2x100 watts
The AMP150 is a versatile and powerful amplifier. In addition to the wifi Airplay 2 mode used in this project, the unit can also handle Bluetooth 5.0. External devices can be connected wired through the RCA, HDMI, optical or USB connections. Operation is easy from your phone or tablet.